Monday, May 18, 2009

God in Nature

11. God in Nature.

There is a God! The herbs of the valley, the cedars of the mountain bless Him; the insect sports in His beam; the bird sings Him in the foliage; the thunder proclaims Him in the heavens; the ocean declares His immensity. Man alone has said, "There is no God! " Unite in thought at the same instant the most beautiful objects in nature. Suppose that you see, at once, all the hours of the day, and all the seasons of the year,—a morning of spring, and a morning of autumn,—a night bespangled with stars, and a night darkened by clouds,—meadows enameled with flowers,—forests hoary with snow,—fields gilded by the tints of autumn,—then alone will you have a just conception of the universe!

F. A. Chateaubriand, France, 1768-1S1S.

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